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10 Mindset Shifts to Move from Victim to Badass - The Empowered Woman’s Guide

My ebook will teach you 10 life saving, extremely practical, easy-to-execute tips that will keep you safe and teach you how to deal with danger if absolutely necessary.

You'll never be a victim after reading this book.


There are MANY self-defense tools here that can enhance your ability to protect yourself. Remember YOU are a #humanweapon and you're already blessed with natural abilities that you can and should tap in to when your safety is threatened.

These tools are NOT a replacement for your intrinsic self-protection abilities; they can give you more options to add to your natural skills.

If you choose to purchase a tool like a stun gun or pepper spray, I HIGHLY recommend that you do some realistic, scenario-based training with it! And remember, a weapon that's in a drawer or at the bottom of a purse won't be accessible if you're ambushed.

Carry it in your hand and ready to use if you know you're going into a potentially dangerous situation. If you can't do that, practice getting to it quickly so you can use it in a situation where you get a bit of advanced warning that danger may be imminent.

And above all, take a hands-on realistic, scenario-based self-protection class or program so that you know how to use your natural skills. THOSE will get you through the initial moments of an attack and to a point where you may be able to access one of these self defense tools.

If you take your safety seriously and are ready to learn more, check out the Born to Be a Badass Prep School, and the Born to Be a Badass Breakthrough Retreat.

Self Defense Tools


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10 Essential Safety Strategies For The Empowered Woman

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