The virtual self-defense curriculum teaching everything you should’ve been taught growing up, but weren’t.


Have you ever felt uneasy, anxious or even scared about a person or a situation? Have previous experiences left you nervous or fearful, or kept you from going where you want to go and doing what you want to do?

Many women don't know what to do when they find themselves in an unsafe situation, and either avoid thinking about it or worry that they’ll just freeze and do nothing.

In this virtual program, you’ll learn how to tap into the power and skills you already have (that you were born with!) so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe and finally live a life of freedom.

You want to be safe in the world to do whatever you desire, but you have no idea where to begin. You want to know that you can protect yourself and avoid danger no matter what and you want a quick and easy way to learn the must know essentials on your own time.


Staying safe isn't just a problem straight, cisgender women need to worry about. This course is for all those who identify as female out in the world who want to feel safer in the skin and ownership over the safety of their minds and bodies.


Hi! I’m Cynthia, speaker, coach and change agent dedicated to helping you discover the strength within you so you can live free from worry and fear and feel confident, capable and powerful.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to let fear of what might happen to you define how you live your life or what choices you make. And it doesn't have to take years to know how to keep yourself safe.

In my prep school, I'll teach you how your body is designed to naturally keep you safe and how to make the best, most effective use of your human survival tools so you never feel ill equipped to handle danger again.




"This is THE safety course every woman should take. As a world traveler and a 20 something female, this work has given me so much peace of mind. I’m telling ALL of my girlfriends to take it. It’s a must."
– Nicolette R.


IT STARTS WITH YOU: learn how to leverage your brain chemistry to stay safe when you're in danger and how to give yourself permission to take action when you need to protect yourself.

KNOW THINE ENEMY:  get in the mind of a predator. Learn who they target and why and discover the warning signs that point out potential threats.

PREVENTION: HOW TO AVOID DANGEROUS SITUATIONS: learn to spot and escape potential danger so you can avoid things like assaults, robbery, sexual violence, and more. 

DEFUSE VIOLENT SITUATIONS BEFORE THEY TAKE YOUR LIFE: learn to change the dynamics of a violent situation. Get my scripts on exactly what to say to get out of danger alive.

HOW TO FIGHT IF YOU HAVE TO: learn to use your body as the best weapon you have. It's better than a firearm or pepper spray when you know how to use it! Also learn when to use physical force and how to be okay with being lethal.

WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU ARE ASSAULTED/ATTACKED: if you've ever been the victim of violence, it doesn't have to ruin your life. Learn how to deal with the aftermath of a violent situation to move forward with your badass life.

NAVIGATE FEAR & WHAT IF SITUATIONS: think you're too weak? too small? think that violence is bad? I'll answer all of your objections and prove to you how capable you are against any threat.

SCENARIOS: From party culture and sexual assault to walking through a dark parking lot. I cover real-world scenarios & teach you how to react in dangerous situations so you're prepared to protect yourself in real life.


This course is completely virtual, which means you can take it anywhere at anytime! Plus, you get lifetime access to the content.

I know you're a badass young woman up to big things in the world. I created this course for all women to move through quickly and easily so they can actually defend themselves, not just say they wish they could!

Along with our virtual video course, you'll get access to my private support group where you can ask personalized questions and be in sisterhood with other badass, empowered women.

You'll also receive a gift certificate to use towards one of my LIVE hands-on training events, which builds off of THIS prep school curriculum.


Feeling the pull, but have some questions?
I’d like to invite you to a free 30-minute Badass Blindspot Discovery Session. 

During this time together, I’ll help you identify areas of your daily life where you feel vulnerable or might be at risk. And, if it’s a good fit we’ll explore how we can work together further so I can give you the tools and knowledge you need to be safe and to live your life with peace of mind. Here’s the link to my calendar so you can choose a time that’s convenient for you.


Here's how to enroll:


If you’re ready to learn how to be safer and how to stop feeling vulnerable, or if you’re tired of being afraid and you’re constantly feeling concerned about your safety, you can head over to the registration page below.