This is the Born to Be a Badass Podcast. Focused on Women, Violence & Safety, Life after Trauma, and Developing Personal Power & Courage.


Alba is an extraordinary woman. She has survived childhood sexual abuse, rape, and domestic violence, and now supports other women who have experienced trauma or abuse. She is courageous and open and willing to talk about subjects and experiences that are often kept hidden. Hearing her share about her journey from trauma to healing is […]

055- INTERVIEW: Healing From Trauma with Alba Soto  

Sheena has been teaching 20 years, ten of which have been dedicated to self defense. With loads of hands on experience with violence and defending herself and others from violence her expertise is undeniable.  Certified as an Instructor in Krav Maga, Striking and MMA, Firearms, Grappling and more, Sheena owner and Lead Instructor of Krav […]

054- INTERVIEW: Women and Safety with Sheena Williams 

Babita Spinelli is a psychotherapist and certified coach who works with people who are experiencing significant life transitions and couples looking to improve or rebuild their relationships and survivors of trauma and abuse. One of her key areas of focus is on narcissism and how to deal with people who are narcissists. She received the […]

053- INTERVIEW: Narcissism with Babita Spinelli  

Beverly Baker is an amazing badass woman who is a martial artist and self-defense coach. She is the founder of the Metropolitan Finishing School, which is not the place to go if you are looking to learn how to serve tea correctly, it is where you want to go if you want to learn how […]

052- INTERVIEW: Safety and Self-Defense in the Urban Environment with Beverly Baker  

Danny Burde is the founder of Iron Crew Athletics. He has bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and kinesiology. He’s a CrossFit level two coach, and was a head coach at NorCal CrossFit (akaNCfit) before he started Iron Crew Athletics. He’s been immersed in fitness since he was 12 years old and has an immense passion […]

051- INTERVIEW: Insights into Domestic Violence – A Conversation With Danny Burde 

Mila Johansson is a professional director, playwright, and writer. She’s the author of 22 plays and musicals that circle the globe, along with two teaching manuals, 101 Theater games, and 50 scenes to go. Mila also teaches social media screenwriting, creative writing, herbology, and Public Speaking at a local Adult Education School. She has just […]

050- INTERVIEW: A Badass Out of History with Mila Johanson  

Karen Heise is an emergency preparedness coach and firearms instructor. She leads two shooting chapters of The Well-Armed Woman and has multiple instructor certifications. She and her husband have a business where they help individuals and families become better prepared for emergency situations, covering all aspects of emergency preparedness including firearms training and maintenance.  In […]

049- INTERVIEW: Women and Firearms with Caren Heise  

#500 Rising is a movement that stands on the strong shoulders of the women who have come before us. Our first mission is to train female instructors in essential self-defense, and to support them as they reach out to their communities and networks to make a difference in the stubborn statistics of violence against women. […]

048- Roundtable: #500 Rising Training  

Caterina Rando is a best selling author, sought after speaker, and an extraordinary women’s business mentor who passionately serves women leaders on a mission. Her over 25 years of educating and empowering audiences and groups makes her truly masterful at providing a ton of value. She shows women how to be loud and proud about […]

047- INTERVIEW: Taking Action with Caterina Rando  

In this episode, Cynthia discusses: Playing the positive or negative “what if” game. The “what if” game as a useful tool in preparing for unknown and potential dangers. Mental Blueprints: Imagining scenarios and possible solutions to those scenarios Not dwelling on the negative “What ifs.” Key Takeaways: Create a “mental blueprint” or programming for your […]

046- Playing The “What If” Game

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