This is the Born to Be a Badass Podcast. Focused on Women, Violence & Safety, Life after Trauma, and Developing Personal Power & Courage.


Friends and Colleagues Lisa Abbott (Subtle Warrior Defense) and Beverly Baker (Metropolitan Finishing School) join me for a roundtable discussion of things youngsters should know when they leave home and head away for college or a gap year. It’s a boisterous conversation filled with practical tips and insights geared towards keeping you safe while still […]

015: Roundtable: “Safety For Kids Going To College” with Lisa Abbott and Beverly Baker

Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Firearms… there are so many tools that CAN be useful, and many that are gimmicky and ineffective. How can you decide what might be appropriate for you, and when can you realistically expect to use them? In this episode I explore many aspects of self defense tools. HIGHLIGHTS: Why you might […]

014: Self-Defense Tools

Beverly Baker is a student and observer of violence dynamics who has taught personal safety courses for LAPD’s Community Police Academy, corporations, LA’s Skid Row, women’s shelters, colleges/universities, public school districts and the general public for 20 years. She holds a 2nd dan black belt in Cha Yon Ryu martial arts, and over the past 30 years has studied various […]

013: INTERVIEW: Everyday Self Defense In The Metropolis with Beverly Baker

In the first half of this two-part solo episode I expand on the tips my daughters shared in Episode 9 about using ride-sharing services like über and Lyft, sharing good practices as well as features of the apps that have been added to enhance rider safety. In part two I dive into what you can […]

012: Ride-sharing and If You Go Missing

Ruthven Darlene is the founder of Women SV.  WomenSV helps survivors address the risks and challenges of being trapped in a relationship with an affluent abuser. They also offer professional trainings that assist providers in delivering more trauma-informed care to their patients, students and clients. WomenSV is in the process of creating a training center […]

011: INTERVIEW: Ruthven Darlene on Risks And Challenges Of Being In An Abusive Relationship

Aileen is extremely motivated to make a positive impact in the world, helping people BE BRAVE, to feel their fear and DO IT ANYWAY. She believes that many people settle for mediocrity when they deserve greatness. It’s her calling to help her clients realize their potential so that they can achieve everything they desire and […]

010: INTERVIEW: “Be Afraid, And Do It Anyway” with Aileen Ryan

This episode was such fun to record! My daughters are both in their 20s, one lives in Boston and is a PR professional, and the other lives in Silicon Valley and is a bartender and student of graphic design. Their experiences and insights are different but complementary, and they share very useful tips on how […]

009: ROUNDTABLE: Tips & Insights From Savvy Millennials

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States.   In this episode, I define the scope of domestic violence and take a look at ways to recognize that a relationship may be heading down that path. I share things to consider when leaving an abusive relationship, and insights into what kind of self […]

008: Domestic Violence and Self-Defense

Shannon Zeeman has navigated through two completely different life-threatening situations: a bout of breast cancer and surviving the mass shooting at the Route 91 concert in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. She epitomizes both courage and grace under pressure. Shannon cofounded SC Zeeman consulting to provide people with the knowledge and tools needed to increase their […]

007: INTERVIEW “Hope For Survival” with Shannon Zeeman

HIGHLIGHTS: What does it mean to be a BADASS? What does it mean to be Born to Be a Badass? Does it take a long time to learn how to be safe? Does learning the fundamentals help or should you become an expert? This episode is being brought to you by the Born to Be a […]

006: Defining “BADASS”, and How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Be Safe?

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