About AJ Clingerman: AJ Clingerman is a No-Gi World Champion Purple Belt. She is an ambassador for Women’s Jiu Jitsu and has run multiple Women’s Only Grappling Camps and Open Mats. AJ also sits on the board and is an advocate for My Bruises Are From – a women’s domestic violence charity. AJ is very […]

026: INTERVIEW: AJ Clingerman- Developing Your Sense of Awareness

Sally Rose Monnes is the Head Instructor & Cofounder of the Fight Like A GRRRL Club. She has over 8 Years of Martial Arts Training with a background in American Boxing and Korean Karate, holds a 1st Degree Black Belt at The Blue Dragon Dojang, and is training for her Second Degree. She’s a competitive […]

023: INTERVIEW: Mindset And Sisterhood With Sally Rose Monnes

Today we take a quick look back at the 20+ episodes released so far and a peek at what’s coming up. Then we dive into an interesting question submitted by a listener about techniques that can bring a man down quickly and put him out of action, and specifically about the groin grab, aka “Qworegoys” […]

022: Let’s Talk About Testicles

Davina Mackenzie is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, S Factor Feminine Movement and Pole Dance Instructor, and creator of The Davinity Method (a Feminine Embodiment Coaching Program).   In this conversation she shares her experience growing up in a family where danger and violence were the norm, how she created a new and healthy life, and […]

021: INTERVIEW: Transformation And Inner Trust With Davina MacKenzie

Lara is a licensed Psychotherapist who focuses on spiritual psychology and somatic therapy. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Instructor and Trauma Touch Therapist. She holds dual masters degrees in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University, and has extensive experience and education in stress management, trauma, addiction, […]

020: INTERVIEW: Finding Safety In The Body with Lara Eisenberg

This conversation with my friend and colleague Kelly Sayre is a fascinating dive into an aspect of self defense that is absolutely essential if your goal is to avoid having to deal with dangerous situations.  Learning how to recognize potential danger and developing your skills can benefit you not just in a self defense situation […]

019: INTERVIEW: Situational Awareness With Kelly Sayre

If I’ve only got an hour or less to share my most important advice on how to be safe, this is what I talk about: how can you avoid being in a dangerous situation in the first place, if you can’t avoid it what can you do to avoid violence, and if push comes to […]

018: Damsel In Distress Or Self-Sufficient Badass?

This interview is not one about violence, it’s about building a life that you love, despite obstacles and setbacks that might, if you let them, stop you in your tracks. Leah Van Hoose is an extraordinary woman who has met all kinds of challenges with grace and courage.  She is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, role […]

017: INTERVIEW: “Finding Beautiful” With Leah Van Hoose

Dasha Bogdanova is an extraordinary woman! She is a Native San Franciscan now living on the coast in Half Moon Bay, California. She is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Judo and has studied since the age of 8. She is an Energy Medicine practitioner and an Intuitive Healer, and leads & guides women through […]

016: INTERVIEW: “Do No Harm And Take No Shit!” with Dasha Bogdanova

Friends and Colleagues Lisa Abbott (Subtle Warrior Defense) and Beverly Baker (Metropolitan Finishing School) join me for a roundtable discussion of things youngsters should know when they leave home and head away for college or a gap year. It’s a boisterous conversation filled with practical tips and insights geared towards keeping you safe while still […]

015: Roundtable: “Safety For Kids Going To College” with Lisa Abbott and Beverly Baker

10 Must-Know Ways to
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